About Kim Sockman Paintings


When I was a little kid, I taught myself to draw by copying Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Ovals and circles are the first shapes that we draw, evident in any pre -K drawing. I just never stopped linking and overlapping those two basic shapes. Next it was birds and mammals as I spent hours pouring through bird guides and other nature books. I still have sketchbooks from my middle school years which, who knew, I would eventually show to middle school students. My point being that many of my students drew much better than I did at their age, a teachable moment.

Art was never more than a hobby for me until college. I graduated with a BFA. I fell into teaching after a job placement employee asked me if I had any other handicaps other than my degree. So, I went back to school to become an art teacher thinking how hard could it be to teach what I love? Pretty hard actually but regardless I went back to college and earned an MA. I still painted nature but in an abstract style that was popular at the time. And I was still teaching. I exhibited a little bit and entered juried shows with a just a tiny bit of success. It was important that I showed my students the importance of plugging along, slow and steady pays off. I retired after 31 years.

I was only 57 when I retired. I joined a Sketch A Day Facebook group. I drew a bird every day, then I started painting them in watercolor. It was great fun to post my daily birdies and they began to sell. I took watercolor classes and began spending money on better supplies. When I talk to former students, I emphasize the importance of buying the very best supplies that you can. I would tell you the same, the pigments and paper quality do matter. Take that class and buy everything your teacher tells you to buy. After a year of retirement, I started Sockman Paintings, never wanting to buy a tent for events but I did participate in tent free venues. I was asked to illustrate a self-published children’s book which should be published by the time you read this. I turned our guest bedroom into a pseudo studio and got serious about a daily routine. I was invited to join the Athena Art Society which got me out of my comfort zone, rubbing elbows with women artists who are wonderful role models. Going ahead I aspire to enter juried shows and continue with landscapes and nature.

Thank you for visiting sockmanpaintings.com. Whether you are here to shopping for Kimmer Cards, Nature Studies, Fine Art or even my children’s book illustrations I thank you for your interest.